Celebration of Fine Art Biographys

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Hannah Friel

Enveloped by a family of artists and scientific engineers, Hannah was intrigued at a young age by the very different creative processes of each subject. She began exploring the arts during early childhood and majored in Fine Art at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, science, and her artistic background, Hannah was driven to push the envelope of what we generally understand as “abstract” art. This calling led to an artistic innovation involving unconventional materials and certain reactive processes that cannot be created by hand alone.

Artist Statement:

“My work is inspired by the intriguing elemental qualities and mysterious beauty of natural phenomena. Compositions are saturated with pigmentation and light. They incorporate various texture, form, and movement to engage the viewers imagination into feeling a sense of familiarity yet seeing something new each and every time they view the work.

“In the natural world, we as human beings do not have full control. We collaborate and participate by living harmoniously in the ebb and flow of the universe with both human and nature playing a unique roll. A similar phenomenon is echoed in my work.

“The materials and I work as a complimentary team with neither participant having complete dictation over what happens. I create each piece by introducing my unique creativity and then allowing chemistry and movement to manipulate the composition further to echo how human beings interact with the natural world. This collaboration yields an inimitable work of art that creates a feeling in the viewer of enrapturing enchantment.”


Pete Tillack

I would like to say thanks to all my collectors and the people who support me.
Thru my adventurous world travels, I have managed to do many a job, but none gives me as much satisfaction as being an artist. To express myself and create with passion, while being able to positively touch and influence as many people as possible, is more than any job has ever given me, and it is the deep connection people have with my work that inspires me to push harder. To paint what is in my heart and with the love of creativity, is a challenge and that is why I love it so much, if it came easy, I would not have the drive and passion to push further, and with out you, I would not have a sense of belonging with my work.

An ordinary man sees everything as a blessing or a curse.
A warrior sees everything as a challenge

The Story
Australian born artist, Pete Tillack was drawn on an adventurous seven-year trek, which took him around the world and was lead by his desire for the waves and the diverse cultures. Tillack encountered countless societies and lifestyles that lent a hand in helping him become more aware of his own self-explorations, direction and personal growth. Tillack’s work is heavily influenced from his emotions and experiences from traveling and is infused with the feelings of serenity thru ones environment.

“As I grow with my work, my focus and purpose becomes more defined, adding a greater compassion and drive to not only my art, but my life. My subject matter is mainly focused on the environment where I usually include a body of water to represent its importance in my life. I hope you not only enjoy the artistic beauty of the piece, and are drawn into its serenity, but ultimately understand the statement that I am trying to convey, that we need to look after this so we don’t loose it!!!!”

“Nothing is as healthy or can replace a deep breath of fresh air and the serenity only nature can give.”

A self taught artist, Tillack pursued many independent studies in such places as, Italy , France , Central America , South America and South Africa . As well as participating with other artist in bringing together many high profile public pieces. Pete has filled many respected roles such as, Coordinator/Moderator for the San Diego Art Institutes program “The Gathering”, to being selected to serve on the Arts Master Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee for his local city. Tillack’s technical analysis of contrast, and his regular use of monotone colors, are what is used to dramatize the silhouettes and reflections shaped by a sunrise or sunset. This gives his wonderful creations a depth that draw the viewer into each piece, and lures them into an experience, transcending them to a peaceful disposition -“their personal journey.”


Cary Henrie

Artist Statement:
“I’m so excited this year to bring additional fresh and new work to the Show – it incorporates laser cut aluminum surfaces and glass. Lots of clean, contemporary compositions and surprising layers and colors in any shape and size- see you soon!”


Born: Brigham City Utah

Sold first painting at 16
(Sole living off of art ever since )

Full scholarship and graduate Pratt Institute NYNY

10 years living as artist in NY, NY

Was on cover of Forbes, Businessweek, Art featured also in Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Readers Digest, Time, and Newsweek and more

Currently reside in Bountiful, Utah with wife Sauni and 4 children

Collectors include Whoopi Goldberg, Christie Walton of Walmart, Mrs Fields of Mrs Fields Cookies. MLB All Star Albert Belle, CEO’s, corporate collections and more

Award Winner in multiple Art Festivals, such as Best of Sculpture 2014 Main St Arts Festival Ft Worth, Texas